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Problem with zlib inflate, in Net::SAML 1.22


I have stumbled upon a problem that may have been introduced in zxid 1.22.

Using the identical IdP-SP setup metadata and script, simply switching from 1.18 to 1.22
in the perl installation.
I am getting the following error message:

[Wed Aug 26 12:07:11 2015] [error] [client] 26141.7fb64e1b0700   zxutil.c:1031 zx_zlib_raw_inflate \tzx E zlib inflate failed with error code -3. Most probably the input data is empty, corrupt, or not in RFC1951 (zlib deflate) format. A common error is incomplete data (due to read(2) not returing all data on first iteration) resulting a failed detection of uncompressed data (the detection looks for '<' in beginning and '>' in end of base64 decoded data - often the latter is missing in incomplete data). iter=29 in_len=7288 dlen=58304, referer: https:.
[Wed Aug 26 12:07:11 2015] [error] [client] 26141.7fb64e1b0700  zxiddec.c:43  zxid_extract_issuer \tzx E Unknown message type in redirect, post, or simple sign binding 0, referer: https:.
Result is the SP not being able to log in. I assume it might  be introduced since 1.18, as it is working with zxid 1.18. 

Perl is 5.20.2
I am using the following patch on _both_ versions http://conundrum.unh.edu/archives/zxid.user/msg00251.html
to be able to compile using make samlmod.

Please drop me a note for more information on the setup.

Michael Dondrup
Sea Lice Research Centre
Department of Informatics
University of Bergen
Thormxhlensgate 55, N-5008 Bergen,