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Re: make samlmod fails with perl 5.20.2, Centos 6

Thank you Magnus.

I can confirm  compilation of SAML_wrap.c works with this patch,
with quite a lot of warnings though (incompatible pointer type, etc)


Michael Dondrup
Postdoctoral fellow
Sea Lice Research Centre/Department of Informatics
University of Bergen
Thormxhlensgate 55, N-5008 Bergen,

On Apr 10, 2015, at 11:18 AM, Magnus Holmgren wrote:

> fredagen den 10 april 2015 09.45.12 skrev  Michael Dondrup:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to build Net::SAML via make samlmod, it builds with perl
>> but with 5.20.2 I get compile errors. perl is installed vi perbrew:
> As I wrote in my post a few weeks ago, SAML_wrap.c #undefs bool (among other
> symbols, in order to "Workaround perl5 global namespace pollution"). Not
> exactly what concrete problems that pollution might cause, but I don't think
> there's much else to do than to try the following patch:
> --- a/Net/SAML_wrap.c
> +++ b/Net/SAML_wrap.c
> @@ -1441,9 +1441,6 @@ SWIG_Perl_SetModule(swig_module_info *mo
> #ifdef eof
>   #undef eof
> #endif
> -#ifdef bool
> -  #undef bool
> -#endif
> #ifdef close
>   #undef close
> #endif
> --
> Magnus Holmgren
> Debian Developer

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