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Dear Mr. Kellomdki,

I've got the following error from the ZXID lib.:
7510.ac8b7b70    zxsig.c:293 zxsig_validate       mas E chkuid: ssof: Unknown
digest algo(http://www.w3.org/2001/04/xmlenc#sha512) in
sref(#_CB7C74B93C61B7A766F4A15CCCC552B494A5076). Only SHA1 and MD5 are
7510.ac8b7b70  zxidsso.c:423 zxid_sigres_map             mas E chkuid: ssof:
Bad digest algo. 1
7510.ac8b7b70  zxidsso.c:732 zxid_sp_sso_finalize        mas E chkuid: ssof:
Fail SSO due to failed signature sigres=1
7510.ac8b7b70  zxidsso.c:787 zxid_sp_sso_finalize        mas E chkuid: ssof:
SSO fail (P)

The error told us, that our IdP-Server uses digest algorithmus: SHA512 which
is not supported by ZXID.
Does mod_auth_saml provide a configuration parameter to config the digest algo
to SHA512?
If not is it planned to implement the SHA512 algo to mod_auth_saml?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards
Gerhard Gutschi