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Reasons why SAML metadata parsing could fail

Reasons why parsing metadata could fail:

1. Line-ending conventions. Try to stick to Unix line-endings, i.e 0x0a

2. Whitespace in wrong place. Try eliminating all whitespace you can
   while still keeping it legal XML. However do not eliminate the
   newlines from the certificate base64 blocks.

3. Unicode characters have creeped in. Some GUI text editors are
   so idiotic that they replace, for example, the minus sign (0x2d)
   with some "more beautiful" typographers dash. They look the same
   on screen, but are completely different from perspective of
   parsing. Similar gotcha exists for double quotes.

4. If you have Extension elements, try removing them. It is the
   goal of zxid XML parser to just safely ignore them, possibly
   with complaints in the log file, but this has not been
   tested much.

5. Make sure it actually is valid SAML2 Metadata according to schema.