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New release: zxid-1.22

New release has been made available at http://zxid.org/zxid-1.22.tgz

This is a minor bug fixing release.

Next release will probably be 1.50 as I will be adding major
new functionality.


The change log since 1.18:

zxid-1.22:: 9.10.2014
    - Added to Local PDP multivalued role attribute matching

zxid-1.21:: 27.5.2014
    - Changed "http://www.w3.org/2005/03/addressing/role/anonymous"; to "http://www.w3.org/2005/08/addressing/anonymous"; to be better WSA spec compliant. Seems Liberty SOAP binding has an error in this.
    - Omitted ReplyTo SOAP header whose value is anonymous
    - Added OPTIONAL_LOGIN_PAT feature
    - Added redirafter feature for local IdP logins (e.g. zxidatsel.pl)
    - Added partial mime multipart support
    - Added to zxid_httpd Range support (for download resume)
    - Improved nth progessing in zxid_find_epr()
    - Added feature to stop parsing after end of first top level tag has been seen.
zxid-1.20:: 11.12.2013
    - Fixed segv on bad decrypt and improved error messages
    - Fixed ordering of Header and Body in zxid_call() with inputs already containing elements
    - Added WSC_ACTION_HDR option to control the SOAP header <a:Action>
    - Added SOAP_ACTION_HDR option to control the HTTP header SOAPAction

zxid-1.19:: 8.12.2013
    - Fixed setting ses and ptm cookies in mod_auth_saml redirect and internal content cases
    - Added OPT_INCLUDE and INCLUDE features to config file parsing
    - Added and documented REM, ECHO, INFO, WARN, and DIE config options
    - Support config file [SECTION] headers (introduced by opening square braket) as comments
    - Added support for PRAGMA config option
    - Cleaned up so valgrind does not complain
    - Fixed XML parser boundary condition with read 1 past end (found by valgrind)
    - Changed URL to BURL (Base URL)
    - Fixed setting Action header in the case that SOAP Body does not begin with tag
    - Added EPR ranking in discovery