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Net::SAML 1.18, saving URL parameters through redirection

I hope someone can help me with that. I am 'SAMLifying' a perl script through
I would like to pass URL parameters to script for controlling its behavior,
however I
do not know how to make the parameters survive the redirection to IDP and

I have tried to store the parameters in the URL when generating the
configuration object:

my $url = self_url(); ## yields smth. like:
my $conf = "PATH=/var/zxid/&URL=$url&";
my $cf = Net::SAML::new_conf_to_cf($conf);
# ...
my $res = Net::SAML::simple_cf($cf, -1, $qs, undef, 0x1828);

This doesn't work fully because, Location header generated by Net::SAML  seems
to tell
the IDP to look for meta data at: https://localhost/xstest.pl?myparam=1?o=C
(double '?'), which
again gives an error with the IDP and doesn't return metadata either.

So it looks like Net::SAML simply appends to the given URL  but the resulting
metadata URL is
encrypted, so I cannot change it, right?

Could anyone please guide me how to fix this?

Thank you very much for your consideration


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