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limitations in certificates used

Hi all,

In development environments I created Trust several times using self 
signed certificates.
Now I created a certificate signed against CA using sha256.
Apache works fine with this certificate.

I can test the validity of this certificate f.e. in /var/zxid/pem with

for f in *cert.pem; do openssl verify -CAfile ca.pem $f; done

csr-enc-nopw-cert.pem: OK

csr-sign-nopw-cert.pem: OK

enc-nopw-cert.pem: OK

logenc-nopw-cert.pem: OK

logsign-nopw-cert.pem: OK

sign-nopw-cert.pem: OK
ssl-nopw-cert: OK

But when trying to generate the Metadata with zxcot -m, it throws an 
error saying something like Signing and encoding certificate not found ( 
or both are corrupt ).
We are using zxid 1.05.
Did anyone come across this?

Thanks in advance,
with kind regards,