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Re: ZXID as SAML SP and IDP proxy IPD

Stefan Rasmusson <rasmusson.stefan@xxxxxxxxx> said:
> I have tried to read about ZXID but I have a hard time, understanding what
> it acctaully is, a product? som libraries? So I'll just ask based on what
> my needs are.
> I need to setup an identity federation with Artifact binding and SLO over
> I would also like to set up a IDP proxy to act as a local IDP between my
> local services.
> Is this possible with ZXID?

Main focus of ZXID is to be an SP.

It is "product" in the sense that it offers mod_auth_saml that
can be used with Apache to achive this without programming.

It is also a library, which allows implementation of SP, as well as
ID-WSF WSC and WSP, from various programming languages including
C/C++, Java, php, and perl (Noet::SAML).

zxididp implements SAML IdP, including proxy IdP. It is a "product" in
the sense that it is self contained stand-alone program.

zxididp is also available on SaaS basis, see
https://zxidp.org/index-idp.html and
option "Authenticate using another IdP (Proxy IdP)".

The documentation at http://zxid.org/html/zxid-idp.html
does mention the proxy IdP possibility, but does not
really tell how to configure it. Turns out it is quite
easy to use: basically the proxy IdP functionality is always
latently available - you can see this by looking at the IdP
metadata which lists SPSSODescriptor (i.e. zxididp is
able to act as SP towards another IdP). To use the functionality,
all you need is make it available in the user interface. Just
edit an-main.html of the IdP. You can look at the zxidp.org login
screen for an example.


> --
> Stefan