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Re: ZXID-1.18 Released

Hi Sampo,
    Great news. I see that the binaries are available only for 32-bit ( I
downloaded the libzxidjni.so and could not load it using my 64-bit jdk).
Are there plans to provide the 64-bit versions as well?


On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 8:51 PM, <sampo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Available on http://zxid.org/
> This release has been tested relatively well on Ubuntu Linux (32 and 64
> bit),
> as well as Win64. Cross compilation and static linking with dietlibc are
> also supported. Anecdotal evindence also indicates that cygwin compile
> works (32 and 64bit).
> Long overdue, there is also a binaries download page.
> This release also introduces a new goodie: zxid_httpd
> with built-in integration of SAML2 SSO and ID-WSF2 WSP.
> This is similar to how mod_auth_saml works on Apache httpd,
> i.e. no programming required, just configuration.
> For full credit: zxid_httpd is derived from mini_httpd by Jef Poskanzer.
> Cheers,
> --Sampo


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