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Hi all,
    I'm using the latest compiled mod_auth_saml module, and I have set the
BARE_URL_ENTITYID=1 configuration to ensure just a URI for the entityId
without the o=B query string. This seems to work fine.

However, after authentication instead of accessing the resource it just
displays the SP metadata.

For instance, http://hostname/protected/saml is the URL (and the entityId)
and the protected resource is "/",  if I access
http://hostname/index.htmlI'm properly redirected to the IDP selection
page and after the
authentication on the IDP the url is displayed as
http://hostname/index.htmlbut the contents that are rendered are for

If however, I set the BARE_URL_ENTITY_ID=0 and reconfigure the IDP, and
redo the same test, it goes through and the index.html is displayed

There is no other configuration change on the SP or the IDP side.

Can someone let me know if I'm missing any other configuration?



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