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Re: AllowCreate value is set as 1 instead of true

Hi Sampo,
    Got it. I'll check with the IDP on this.


On 11/22/2013 4:01 PM, sampo@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Karthik Sudarshan <ksudarshan@xxxxxxxxxx> said:
Hi all,
    I'm using the latest version of zxid and I notice that in the SAML Auth
request (version 2.0), the AllowCreate value is being sent as 1, whereas
the expected type is a xs:boolean, so the value should be set as "true".
XML specifications explicitly state that "1" means same as "true". I use
1 and 0 instead of true and false as they are just as specification
compliant, but more compact.

If I explicitly set fc="true" in my hidden variable in the idpsel template,
it is still sent as 1.
I squash any "true" to "1". No way to avoid this.

Does the IdP end have indigestion with this? That would be a bug
in the IdP.


Can someone let me know how to ensure that this value is sent as "true"
instead of "1"?



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