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Re: Zxid installation

"Tim O'Neil" <interval1066@xxxxxxxxx> said:
> How can you possibly hope for wide adoption of your code on linux just
> using a simplistic make file???

I try to keep the library dependencies as narrow as possible, thus
autoconfig hell should not be needed.

> My attempt on my Mint 13 system immediately
> failed of course because trying to cover all the configuration
> possibilities with a make file is a fool's errand. If you're trying to
> target linux variants and you're not using autotools you may as well forget
> linux as a target.

I develop on Linux myself, mind you. In fact, using LinuxMint12 right now.

The Makefile tries to compile a couple of test programs to check that
openssl, libcurl, and zlib are OK. It will fail early so that you
can fix the paths that need to be fixed. Unlike autoconfig hell, it will
not make arbitrary, and difficult to debug, guesses. If it does not work,
you are expected to intervene, but the intervention should be simple and
easy to understand.

My general philosophy is to expect dependency libraries to have been
installed and configured the way their autors intended. Unfortunately
many distributions do not respect the vision and opinion of the authors
and alter the settings. I agree with you that Linux is an extremely
heterogenous target that is difficult to support. But I think handling
my three dependency libraries using find(1), and occasionally nm(1), is
a nobrainer to anyone who knows what a Makefile is.

What was the specific error you are hitting?


P.S. Of course you have installed the development packages of libc, openssl,
libcurl, and zlib. It is unfortunate that many Linux distribution product
managers have chosen to cripple Linux as a development environment
by not shipping by default the development libraries and headers. Quite
frankly, these are a fraction of the overhead that goes into supporting
1001 languages that exist in the world. Why not define developer friendly
as one of the languages and ship that by default as well?


> -Tim