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Re: Metadata parse problem BADMD - chars_parsed(0)

On Apr 23, 2013, at 3:12 PM, sampo@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> 1. You seem to have enabled debugging so that /var/zxid/log/xml.dbg
>   should have been created. Fish out of that file the input that
>   was submitted to your script when redirection (or POST if you
>   are using post profile) happened and save it as a separate file.

Thank you very much for your reply. I am trying to follow your instructions, but
for each invocation I get only the following two lines:

<!-- XMLBEG 16080:1 zxidsimp.c:1585 zxid_simple_cf_ses 	zx d  POST len=0 -->

<!-- XMLEND 16080:1 -->

in /var/zxid/log/xml.dbg. Also, there never has been passed any XML or other 
message passed in the faulty installation
 while in my working instance, I see various SAML messages.

Now, I believe that this in fact has to be the reason for the SSO not working, but what could cause 
the failure to POST? I have mod_fcgid as a suspect, because that is the major difference 
between both installations, also requiring to change the test script slightly 
(despite of course MacOS/Linux, different versions of all sorts, etc.)
I'll ask our admin to take it down for a test.