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Re: SimpleSamlPHP SP and ZXIDP

"Sem Kurtulus (skurtulu)" <skurtulu@xxxxxxxxx> said:
> Helo Sampo,
> We are trying to integrate our SP with ZXIDP. We are using SimpleSamlPhp
> package as our SP but I have not yet seen any clear documentation on how
> we can integrate these two.
> Can you give me some guidance please?

Quite an open ended question.

After reading the documentation, are you facing some specific problem?

The first step in integration is metadata exchange. If you support Well Known Location
method of metadata exchange, this may happen automatically. See [SAML2meta]
section 4.1 "Publication and Resolution via Well-Known Location",
p.29, for normative description of this method.

[SAML2meta] Cantor, Moreh, Phipott, Maler, eds., "Metadata for the OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) V2.0", Oasis Standard, 15.3.2005, saml-metadata-2.0-os

Otherwise, you can acquire the metadata of zxidp.org
from https://zxidp.org/idp (this URL is the EntityID of zxidp).

You can register your own metadata at https://zxidp.org/idpcot.pl?op=md


> Thank you
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