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Re: tas3: ZXID discovery service (w/attachment)

Sorry for missing attachemnt. Here comes. --Sampo

sampo@xxxxxxxxx said:
> Philip Feuchtner <feucht@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
> > Hello George,
> > 
> > i have a tough time getting zxid discovery up and running. We
> > already installed zxid-idp (1.02).
> If the problem is with zxididp itself, the right address would be myself, or perhaps Andreas.
> Me and Andreas went recently through exercise of setting up zxididp based on attached
> instructions in zxid-idp.pd, especially section 4.1 "IdP Install Tutorial".
> In addition to step 4.1.1 you should mkdir /var/zxid/idpdimd (this will be fixed in next release).
> If you have any trouble or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me on
> skype chat: sampo.kellomaki
> I know that Jens Mueller of Karlsruhe (Cc'd) has done a relatively unassited idp install in past
> so you may be able to get helpful instructions from him.
> Finally, for specific bug reports and zxididp help, you should use my mailinglist
> http://listproc.unh.edu/archives/zxid.user/ (zxid.user@xxxxxxxxxxxxx).
> Cheers,
> --Sampo
> > Could you please point me to a working example - perhaps implemented in
> > java. I don't find any on google. 
> > 
> > Added Mark and Sampo to cc.
> > 
> > Kind regards,
> > Philip

[demime 1.01d removed an attachment of type application/binary which had a name of zxid-idp.pd]