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Re: tas3: ZXID discovery service

Philip Feuchtner <feucht@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
> Hello George,
> i have a tough time getting zxid discovery up and running. We
> already installed zxid-idp (1.02).

If the problem is with zxididp itself, the right address would be myself, or perhaps Andreas.

Me and Andreas went recently through exercise of setting up zxididp based on attached
instructions in zxid-idp.pd, especially section 4.1 "IdP Install Tutorial".

In addition to step 4.1.1 you should mkdir /var/zxid/idpdimd (this will be fixed in next release).

If you have any trouble or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me on
skype chat: sampo.kellomaki

I know that Jens Mueller of Karlsruhe (Cc'd) has done a relatively unassited idp install in past
so you may be able to get helpful instructions from him.

Finally, for specific bug reports and zxididp help, you should use my mailinglist
http://listproc.unh.edu/archives/zxid.user/ (zxid.user@xxxxxxxxxxxxx).


> Could you please point me to a working example - perhaps implemented in
> java. I don't find any on google. 
> Added Mark and Sampo to cc.
> Kind regards,
> Philip