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Ahh! Leap year (February) miscalculation?

Hi everyone,

Right at 6:00pm Central (midnight GMT) all of my web servers started
throwing login errors, showing a clock skew of 86400 seconds:

t  zxidsso.c:476 zxid_validate_cond     zx E ssof: NotBefore rejected with
slop of 39600. Time to validity 86400 secs. Our gettimeofday: 1298938582
secs, remote: 1299024982 secs

The remote epoch calculation there is incorrect, it should be the same as
"Our gettimeofday"   (The web servers and IdPs are in sync, within a
second)  Is this a leap year problem?

I managed to bandaid this for now by adding a BEFORE_SLOP of 2 days.  Also,
my zxid version is a little dated, at 0.69.  Apologies if this has already
been fixed!

Thank you,