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Re: zxid-0.76 release

Small problem, when I try to use zxid.h in my code I get:

/home/bre/cvsdev/xmiddleMain//src/dataSourceSoftware/zxid/linux-x86//inc/zx/zxid.h:419: error: field srcts has incomplete type

the simply inclusion of sys/time.h in zxid.h got around this.


On 26/01/11 12:18, sampo@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Available for download from

or from anon git
git clone git://zxid.org/zxid

zxid-0.76:: 26.1.2011
     - Added error checks
     - Fixed ordering of RelatesTo header
     - Fixed leakage of unknown namespaces to decoder
     - Made memory allocators really use function pointers

zxid-0.75:: 24.1.2011
     - MINGW fixes
     - User supplied MessageID duplicate fix
     - Fixed XML encoding of empty namespace prefixes


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