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zxid-0.73 release

Download from http://zxid.org/zxid-0.73.tgz

zxid-0.73:: 19.12.2010
    - Added ssoa7n and tgta7n attributes (TAS3 feature req #484)
    - Added optional sessionwide idpsesid attribute (TAS3 feature req #419)
    - Added IDWSF SOAP headers to discovery and as responses
    - Fixed a problem with copy_file(). This could cause lost audit trail when copy instead of deletion was chosen on platform that does not use links.
    - Fixed element ordering in zxcot generated EPRs
    - Added IdP side AAMAP capability to transform attributes, including a7n wrap
    - Added <ns:foo/> close tag tail optimization to encoder, controlled by c->enc_tail_opt flag
    - Added preliminary DSA support
    - Crude and preliminary X509 attribute cert support
    - Fixed excessive content-length in CGI output
    - Test coverage 63%