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Re: AttributeAuthorityDescriptor in metadata

Tom Luu <T.Luu@xxxxxxxxxx> said:
> Please could you tell me if there is a way to cleanly add an 
> AttributeAuthorityDescriptor into IdP metadata,

Not at the moment. As zxididp Attribute Authority functionality has not
been properly implemented (e.g. it can only push attributes on SSO, no pull
protocols are supported yet), I did not feel it pertinent to advertise
it in metadata.

Right now your best option is to take the autogenerated metadata and hand
edit it to include AttributeAuthorityDescriptor if desired.


P.S. Use the mailing list, Cc'd.

> without editing 
> zxid_simple_show_meta() and using 
> zx_md_EntityDescriptor_ADD_AttributeAuthorityDescriptor and 
> zx_NEW_md_AttributeAuthorityDescriptor?
> Tom
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