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zxid-0.70 released: major rewrite and refactoring of XML and signature engine

The 0.70 release is available for download from http://zxid.org/zxid-0.70.tgz

This release is a major rewrite and refactoring of XML and signature engine. While test suite
has been improved and mostly things seem to have stabilized, you should not upgrade
from 0.69 in production setting.

zxid-0.70:: 13.11.2010
    - zxdecode: assertion decode and decryption support
    - zxdecode: sha1 validation without sig validation using -s -s
    - Fix canonicalization of attribute names with namespace prefixes
    - Fix detection of namespace of an XML attribute, see t/shib-a7n2.xml
    - Some optimizations based on gcov and gprof
    - Moved to per namespace elem hashes and namespace hash
    - Fairly complete re-engineering/re-factoring of the generated enc/dec code
    - Fix SO encoder
    - Added more test cases