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Re: ZXID servlet doubt about JNI

Lara Cancela <lcancela.itt.android@xxxxxxxxx> said:
> Hello,
> I have another doubt ... if I deploy the servlet "zxidsrvlet.java" on
> Tomcat, it says me an error
> in the next line "System.loadLibrary("zxidjni")", and I think is because the
> SWIG library is neccesary !!!

What is the version number?

What are the exact error messages?

> My question is: Should I install the SWIG library??

There is no such thing as swig library. You do not need to install it.

What may be the case is that one of the SWIG generated files
is missing (or not found due to some path issue). This can only
be figured out if we see the error messages you got.


> Thanks a lot again, LARA.