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zxidservlet: Domain to get sso

Hello again,

I want to ask too about the steps to run the zxidsrvlet.java(sso) or the
in the folder zxidservlet on Tomcat. I'm following the steps of the "9.3
Running as servlet under Tomcat"
in the file zxid-java.pd (ZXID-0.69) and I have a problem about this

"N.B. You should make sure sp1.zxidsp.org resolves to the machine
where you are running Tomcat, e.g. localhost ("

Should I deploy the "zxidappdemo" as a "HelloWorld" servlet on the domain
"localhost" or maybe deploy
on the domain "sp1.zxidsp.org" ?? I don't know how to change of the tomcat
domain ..I've thought changing
the code of the zxidappdemo class and compile again, the change would be the

public class zxidsrvlet extends HttpServlet {
    static final String conf = "http://localhost:8080/sso";;



What must I do ?? Is this correct??

Greetings, LARA