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ECP with ZXID (Java module)


I have to ask you an advice ... I want to do an ECP client on Android mobile
using SAML v2 with ZXID 0.69(module Java) SP and Authentic or Shibboleth 2
IdP, so I've thought in two posibilities:

1) *"zxidsrvlet.java" on Apache2* to get doing SSO(with libzxidjni.so) on
domain sp.xxxx.8080 and another new servlet *"androidsrvlet" on Tomcat
6.0.29* to get doing ECP steps(with a new JNI library which calls to
zxidecp.c) on domain sp.xxxx.9999. Both of them would comunicate with JK

2) Or maybe, I've thought it could run with just Tomcat (without Apache2), I
mean one servlet as the "zxidsrvlet.java" on Tomcat using the libzxidjni.so
(to get SSO) and the new JNI library to call to zxidecp.c

What is your opininio about this??

Thanks a lot, LARA.

Oh!! My versions exactly are:

-Apache2 from Ubuntu 10.04.1 repositories + SSL enabled+ SCGI enabled
-Tomcat 6.0.29
-OpenSSL 9.8 from Ubuntu 10.04.1 repositories
-ZXID 0.69
-J2SE 1.6.0_22
-Android 2.1 Update

Besides, I wanted to ask about the ECP plugin for firefox (OpenLiberty) ...
I've got to install the plugin as an extension for my firefox browser but it
does nothing with the IdP example from the README.pdf ??

Thanks a lot, LARA.