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Re: Java Servlets_SWIG

Lara Cancela <lcancela.itt.android@xxxxxxxxx> said:
> Hello,
> I am researching the profile "ECP" to "SAML" and I've installed and
> configured the module javazxid "to run the servlets" zxidhlo "," zxidappdemo
> "and" zxidsrvlet "to modify later and I have a problem deploying on the
> server "tomcat" with the following line:
> System.loadLibrary ("zxidjni)
> My question is: Is it necessary to have SWIG installed?, Is failing because
> of that?

Most unlikely. All files generated by SWIG are distributed in the tar ball (or
at least that is the intent, but there have been inadvertent omissions
in the past). If anything was missing, the filename would be in the
error message.

Most likely cause for failure is that it simply does not find the .so. Did you
set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the directory where zxidjava/libzxidjni.so is


P.S.Normal bug reporting procedures involve reporting version numbers
of the software components. Learn to do that if you want continued

> Regards, Lara.