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zxid-0.69 released

zxid-0.69:: 20.10.2010
    - Added DeployingZxidServlets.txt, ZxidSSOFilter.java, and ZxidServlet.java by Stijn Lievens
    - Added missing file zxidjava/zxidtok.java
zxid-0.68:: 18.10.2010
    - zxpasswd hash problems fixed
    - Pairwise session indexes (encrypt master index and SP entid with IdP sym key)
    - Primitive support for passing identity token in XACML request
zxid-0.67:: 13.10.2010
    - Fixed buffer bugs introduced by removal of ZXID_MAX_USER limit
zxid-0.66:: 12.10.2010
    - zxpasswd: be tolerant of newline in input
    - Add to IdP metadata the NameIDMapping end point
    - Removed ZXID_MAX_USER limit from .at files. Removed many other limits, too.
    - Added zxid_epr_set_token() and other accessor functions
    - Fixed Solaris support (unwarranted -o option to ar)