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zxid-0.65 prerelease available



I will update the web page once I get some positive feedback.

Basically this fixes tolerance for InclusiveNamespaces that are not declared
and CRNL canonicalization.

Let me know your experiences.


zxid-0.65:: 10.10.2010
    - zxididp: added ID Mapper (to be used by Delegation Service)
    - zxididp: added some aspects of People Service (to be used by Delegation Service)
    - zxididp: added SSOS
    - Added zxid_map_identity_token()
    - Added zxid_set_delegated_discovery_epr()
    - Added psobj encryption for privacy preservation of people referenced by ObjectIDs
    - Added zxid_attach_sol1_usage_directive()
    - Added WSC_LOCALPDP_OBL_PLEDGE config option
    - Added WSP_LOCALPDP_OBL_REQ config option
    - Added WSP_LOCALPDP_OBL_EMIT config option
    - Added WSC_LOCALPDP_OBL_ACCEPT config option
    - Shortened the before and after slops from 1 day to about 2 hours
    - Improved zxid_get_fault_status() by adding a first level status code
    - Added -at option to zxpasswd
    - Fixed zxpasswd -l directory listing
    - zxid_simple():: Added handler for resolving invitation
    - Templatized idp selection
    - Templatized POST screen
    - WIN32CL (MSVC CL compiler) port can now create zxidjni.dll, callable from Java on Windows
    - Fixed truncated log bug (premature nul termination) in zxlog.
    - Added CANON_INOPT=1 option to ignore InclusiveNamespaces/@PrefixList as needed to work around Shib 2.1.5 IdP bug
    - Added patch  by Eric Rybinski for XML ENC padding problem reported by Sampo as OpenSSL bug 1067 back in 2005.
    - Changed treatment of InclusiveNamespaces PrefixList to be more tolerant of undefined prefixes
    - Fixed mktime(3) timezone bug, found by Cal