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ZXID-0.63 released: Shibboleth SP compat and many feature improvements

zxid-0.63:: 29.7.2010
    - Added mandatory attribute contactType to Contact element in metadata
    - Supply AuthnInstant
    - Removed sed(1) dependency
    - Improved win32cl target
    - Added SubjectConfirmation
    - Added possibility of using nested EncryptedKey (Shib 2010) instead of RetrievalMethod
    - Added Recipient hint in sibling EncryptedKey case. This is sufficient to get Shib 2010 working.
    - Added SubjectConfirmationData fields to support bearer subject confirmation method
    - Added RelayState field decoding to POST profile
    - Added double quote detection inside RelayState value
    - Store authentication instant in session and use it in zxid_mk_an_stmt()
    - Reworked/created az_base() family of functions to incorporate ideas from patch by Stijn Lievens
    - Make nested EncryptedKey a config option
    - Added support for fedusername and urn:oid: (aka eduPersonPrincipalName)
    - Tweaked the az requests to separate ses az from resource az (TAS3 bug #381)