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zxid-0.60 stabilization release

Please find ready for download on web site. I'll also upload to CPAN.

This release is mainly a stabilization release where many bugs
introduced by new features of 0.58 are fixed.

zxid-0.60:: 23.6.2010
    - TAS3 package version number synchronization
    - Added zxcot -m to generate our own metadata (previously only available using WKL method)
    - Fixed segv on signature validation when wsc_meta is missing, but NOSIG_FATAL=0
    - Improved zxidcot.pl with metadata and registration listings
    - Tightened cgi parsing to check lengths of options (avoids false detection)
    - Add Az calls to zxid_wsp_validate() and zxid_wsp_decorate()

TAS3 users: T3-ZXID-SRC_0.60.zip and T3-ZXID-LINUX-X86_0.60.zip are
    available from the component pool.

Plea to Windows users: The make TARGET=mingw route works well as far
as I know, but I need reports from users to gain confidence (or debug
if needed). There is also make TARGET=win32cl route which uses
Microsoft Visial C compiler for native build. Its still makefile
driven and uses the cl interface to the Microsoft compiler. No Visual
Studio project file (if you plan to contribute such project, consider
how it could be (semi)automatically generated from the regular
Makefile, as that would make the maintenace much easier). The win32cl
is still experimental and needs testing.