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Re: turning signature verification off

George Inman wrote:
> Hi Sampo
> I'm just setting up Zxid to work as an SSO provider in a web service
> that I am writing, as far as I can tell zxid is now is working properly,
> unfortunately the test Shibboleth IdP that I am using for now has
> signature checking and creation turned off and therefore the SAML
> exchange fails once the assertion is recieved. Is there a parameter that
> I can pass in the  zxid_jni.simple() string to turn signature checking
> off? just so that I can check that the exchange is working properly, I
> couldn't spot anything in the API document.

My web site is back up. See http://zxid.org/html/zxid-conf.html

The option you want is in section 6.1.26 Assertion validation options
and is called NOSIG_FATAL. Just set it to 0.


> Regards
> George