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zxid session max sub-directories


   I believe zxid currently has a potential Denial of Service vulnerability
due to the flat-directory organization of the ses/ session directory.
 ext2/3 has a maximum limit of 32K sub-directories in any one directory.
 Thus if a user were to rapidly initiate multiple new SAML sessions in a
short period of time, they could max out this limit and cause new sessions
to fail.  This scenario could also occur if zxid were to authenticate many
different, valid users in a short period of time.  Site-specific session
cleanup scripts would likely not be able to keep up with such a load (valid
or malicious).

   Has there been consideration of a directory hashing algorithm to store
session directories?  Given a configurable number of directory levels, 2
chars per level, and a relatively even distribution of session GUID keys,
this should dramatically reduce namespace utilization in any one directory
to eliminate a site-wide DoS attempt, and mitigate the directory limit issue
enough for custom session expiration tools (based on a site policy) to keep
up with cleanup without ever reaching the max in any sub-directory.  (2-3
sub-levels should be sufficient for most sites.)

This seems simple enough to implement, assuming there aren't obscure places
to update in the code.  Would this be generally limited to cases identified
by `egrep "(ZXID_SES_DIR|ses_arch_dir)" *.c` ?