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zxid-0.49 released

zxid-0.49:: 1.2.2010
    - Added AuthnSvc client and zxcall tool, which allows shellscript wsc
    - The zxcall tool also allows shell script az
    - Removed arbitrary 64KB limits from metadata, SOAP, and EPR
processing. Now dynamically reallocated as needed.
    - Added zxid_ses_to_{ldif|json|qs}() family of functions
    - Added zxid_add_attr_to_ses() and zxid_add_qs_to_ses()

The biggest news a nifty new utility called zxcall, which is
a command line web service client. Makes testing much easier
when you do not have to do SSO all the time. E.g:

zxcall -d -a http://idp.tas3.pt:8081/zxididp?o=B tastest:pw -t
urn:x-foobar -e '<foobar>Do It!</foobar>'

TAS3 packages will appear shortly in the TAS3 pool.