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Re: ZXID-0.42 build error

> Thanks. Those two lines should read:
>   env->Body->Query = zxid_mk_di_query(cf, XMLNS_DAP, 0,0,0);
>   epr = zxid_find_epr(cf, ses, XMLNS_DISCO_2_0, 0,0,0, 1);
> Fix applied to the tree, will be in next release.
Changed those 2 lines (and similar changes in other files), and the
build went through OK.

> The whole zxidhlowsf has not been tested recently. Of the C programs
> the good ones to look at currently are zxidhrxmlwsc and zxidhrxmlwsp.
> Of course you should also study zxidappdemo.java and zxidwspdemo.java
> as well.
Doing that now, and I'll probably send you some question soon :-)


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