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Re: ZXID-0.42 build error

Building this on openSuse 11.0, with gcc 4.3.1, I get:

zxidhlowsf.c: In function bmainb:
zxidhlowsf.c:119: error: too few arguments to function bzxid_mk_di_queryb
zxidhlowsf.c:120: warning: passing argument 4 of bzxid_find_eprb makes
pointer from integer without a cast
zxidhlowsf.c:120: error: too few arguments to function bzxid_find_eprb
make: *** [zxidhlowsf.o] Error 1

sampo@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Please test the latest release. See zxidappdemo.java for Web Service
> Client (WSC) (TAS3 Requester) example code, using zxidjni.call() API.
> See zxidwspdemp.java for example on how to handle server side of a web
> service call. This involves calling zxid_validate() to check the incoming
> message, and zxid_decorate() to generate the response.
> Better documentation will hopefully follow over the weekend, but by
> studying the example programs you should get quite far.
> To create the discovery metadata registrations on the IdP you need
> to study zxcot -h, especially zxid -e ... | zxid -b /var/zxid/idpdimd
> This release is broken in PHP support. That will be fixed soon.
> Cheers,
> --Sampo


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