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ZXID-0.42 released w/ zxid_wsp_validate() and zxid_wsp_decorate() support

Please test the latest release. See zxidappdemo.java for Web Service
Client (WSC) (TAS3 Requester) example code, using zxidjni.call() API.

See zxidwspdemp.java for example on how to handle server side of a web
service call. This involves calling zxid_validate() to check the incoming
message, and zxid_decorate() to generate the response.

Better documentation will hopefully follow over the weekend, but by
studying the example programs you should get quite far.

To create the discovery metadata registrations on the IdP you need
to study zxcot -h, especially zxid -e ... | zxid -b /var/zxid/idpdimd

This release is broken in PHP support. That will be fixed soon.