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Re: Zxid loading lib - pls help

Thomas Kirkham wrote:
> Hi Brian and Sampo.
>    I am having a basic error with zxid. See my code below, I can't get
> the zxidjni library to load I think I have tried every possible way of
> getting the lib into the classpath etc. Where is the library located?

Although you probably already solved this (re your other mail),

1. When classpath fails, try setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH

2. The library is called libzxidjni.so. Currently there is no
   official default install location though you will find it
   usually in zxidjava/libzxidjni.so, thus you may want to do

     find / -name libzxidjni.so   # show where it is


> How do you do it?
> import zxidjava.*;
> public class test {
> 	public static void main(String argv[]) {
> 		System.out.println("loading lib");
> 		System.loadLibrary("zxidjni");
> 		System.out.println("done loading lib");
> 	}
> }
> Thanks,
> Tom