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ZXID-0.41 Windows Binaries: Please test

I have made a first Windows binary release in long time. It is not mature
yet and I lack means to test it myself. Therefore I am reaching to you
to get some testing.

Ideal tester would be someone who has already once installed zxid on
Linux so understands what is supposed to happen.


Right now the package is gigantic because it includes all modules
in one package. In particular,

zxididp - Standalone IdP as CGI script. Should work in IIS and Apache.
zxidhlo - Standalone SP as CGI script. Should work in IIS and Apache.
zxidjava - SSO servlet (zxidsrvlet.class) and demoapp (zxidappdemo.class).
  should work under Tomcat. Experience under servlet containers
  other than Tomcat would be greatly appreciated.
zxcot, zxpasswd, etc.: command line maintenance utilities

The release was built using cross-compilation techniques with mingw
libraries. If you compile natively from source, I would appreciate
contributed binaries. I would especially appreciate binary mod_auth_saml
that would work in Windows Apache.