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New release zxid-0.33.tgz

Please find available new release


zxid-0.33:: 9.9.2009
    - Removed apache check from defalut make
    - Continued refactoring README.zxid to separate documents
    - Changed configuration file reading so that config file is (re)read
      whenever PATH is supplied, but not if PATH is supplied in file itself.
    - Added dummy PDP
    - Added zxcot tool
    - Fixed zxdecode tool and added html parsing support
    - Added xml-pretty.pl tool
    - Added Auto-Cert feature to generate self signed certificates on the fly
    - Added optional HMAC chaning code to the log format
    - Added attribute broker and PEP features
    - Fixed relay state handling in mod_auth_saml so you land on right
protected content page
    - Added support for zxid_simple() returing JSON or Query String in
addition to traditional LDIF
    - Added preliminary and incomplete CARML support (see Identity
Governance Framework - IGF)
    - Fixed innumerous bugs in mod_auth_saml
    - Added setting REMOTE_USER to mod_auth_saml