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This list is for deployers of ZXID library, Net::SAML Perl
module, php_zxid PHP module, and mod_auth_saml Apache module.

Appropriate topics include compilation, install, and
configuration, creating Circles of Trust and metadata exchange
problems; compatibility issues with other federation products.
Announcements about new ZXID releases will be made on this list
as well.  The ability to post messages to this list is restricted
to current list subscribers only.

For more information about ZXID, please visit:

To subscribe to this list, send a message to the
UNH ListProc server similar to the following:

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   | subscribe  zxid.user  My Name

Please replace "My Name" in this example with your actual name.
The server will automatically determine your subscription address
from your message.  You will receive a message confirming your
request, generally within a few minutes to an hour.  Note that
the subject line is ignored by the server, so you may place any
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